An examination of the mcdonald advertising campaign using social media

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An examination of the mcdonald advertising campaign using social media

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Don Daszkowski McDonald became world renowned by they were 31, sites in over countries such as England, Spain, India, China.

However, they have adapted a healthy range in which includes salads, sub delis, and vegetarian meals as well such as vegetarian burger which cater to the niche market. There is also the option for using the Drive Thru quick service for people on the go this assists in maintaining a busy life style.

The McDonald website consisted of information about the company, investors, franchising, chartroom, menu and careers.

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One of the main features of this website is the timeline which shows McDonalds key launches and its achievements. McDonald going online was a great tool in building up a customer base and customers going online to see what Mc Donald has to offer.

Mc Donald has a webpage on Facebook with over 18, likes. Currently at the moment Twitter hasfollowers and McDonalds also has a twitter account whereby they are able to post messages, pictures instantly to thousands of users that follow therefore being able to deliver the news of new flavours, promotions, charity work etc within a matter of seconds — http: Date accessed April McDonalds has a page where you can subscribe to it with 1, subscribers and 1, video views.

Therefore, YouTube allows viewers to query and the answers are then posted back on the wall of where the video is shown. To avoid exploitation by members of the public who may have a negative view on the company and that could potentially setup accounts to degrade the company.

McDonald utilizes different social media in order to generate more income. In addition, as new digital media is expanding everything is being made more technical and advance even booking your tickets and buying online grocery.

So this is a useful tool through marketing because promoting McDonalds in various social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and captures audience.

McDonald uses a wide range of media platforms such as print, pop up adverts, internet and radio. McDonald used its first technology device to advertise McDonald on national television, when they broadcasted their first commercial in In terms of Globalisation Mc Donald have over restaurants which cater to the mass audience.

There are different varieties of menus depending on the continent.

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One of the risks can be variable costs as they increase and decrease depending on the level of sales. New McDonald branches also acquire fixed costs such as utility electricity, building lease, cost for using kitchen appliances this also includes advertising the new branch, menu, promotion and this needs to be paid for before the branch makes any profit and breakevens.

Mostly advertising is via the internet which saves paper this contributes to an environmentally green environment.

Even the products re usable such as the cups, and bottles and the packaging they use for their burgers and fries. More essays like this:Lessons in Facebook - McDonald's social media campaign nets four times its initial investment.

An examination of the mcdonald advertising campaign using social media

A campaign plan template that will allow you to lay out the entire plan for each of your social media campaigns. A campaign content template to write and store every message you plan to send. A social media calendar template to record the dates you are going to publish your message on.

Social Media in McDonald’s Marketing | Essay Example

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