Anthropologys tourist gaze in hawaii essay

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Anthropologys tourist gaze in hawaii essay

It is the traveler alone who is foreign. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It has become an important aspect of globalization, is intrinsic to our lifestyles and has had a profound impact on peoples of the world and the environments in which they live.

The first portion of the course analyzes the history and socio-cultural structure of tourism, and addresses the institutions of tourism museums, souvenirs, travel agencies etc and their role in the construction of "exotic others.

The second portion of the course will focus on the social, economic, and ecological dynamics entailed in tourism. The seminar draws heavily on case studies from the Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Throughout the course, ethnographic observations are related to anthropological and sociological theories concerning globalization, cultural change, economic development, cross-cultural communication, ethnicity, nationalism, and gender.

You should come away from this seminar with the following: This class will run in seminar format. Generally, I will open the class with a group activity or presentation pertaining to the topic at hand, Anthropologys tourist gaze in hawaii essay new material relevant to the theme. Then we will shift to a group discussion of the readings.

You will be graded on the basis of class participation, a mini-travel piece pagesa 5 page essay assignment, 3 quizzes, a mid-term, final "mega-quiz" and a 10 page research paper for graduate students 16 pages minimum. Late assignments will be docked one-half grade per day late, except in documented cases of illness or family emergency.

I encourage each of you to visit me in my office early in the semester so that I may become better acquainted with you and your interests.

I anticipate that this will also serve as an opportunity to brainstorm about potential term paper projects. I look forward to getting to know each of you better. As this course is heavily oriented towards discussion, there will be three unannounced quizzes to ensure that readings are completed on time and students are prepared for discussion.

Quizzes will cover specific points in the assigned readings for that week. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. Given that this class will only meet 15 times, attendance is essential and absences will result in a lowered grade.

Detailed assignment guidelines will be distributed in class. All papers will also be presented orally in class and missing the presentation will entail a grade reduction.

Anthropologys tourist gaze in hawaii essay

Leisure and Travel in Contemporary Societies. Tourism, Art and Place. Grading Student grades will be based on the following formula: Plagiarism will have severe ramifications, as outlined in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog p.

Plagiarism may result in failure of the class. Students with disabilities who need disability-related testing accommodations are encouraged to notify me. The coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities in the Learning Assistance Center Damen, is also available to assist students in arranging these accommodations.

Important Dates Feb Paper topic selection deadline Feb Midterm exam date April 2: Annotated paper bibliography due Ap 23 during first minutes of class: Oral presentation of term papers May 7 at beginning of class Term Papers due.

Seminar Themes and Reading Assignments: As this is a level seminar, readings for the class can be heavy.Hawaii is a secluded series of islands, so to get food and supplies costs a lot of money, because they need to ship everything over the ocean to reach them.

Because of this disadvantage, food prices, every day items, and especially gas prices seem highly unreasonable when eager tourists visit the islands. Urry, “The Tourist Gaze,” “Mass Tourism and the Seaside Resort,” “The Changing Economics,” , “Working Under the Tourist Gaze,” , “Cultural Changes and the Restructuring of Tourism,” , Chapter 8, Anthropology of Tourism Mid-Term.

STUDY. Learning how to Hula Dance in Hawaii, authentic dance practice. 4. Having Authentic Sushi in Japan. Representation: Tourist Gaze. John Urry's concept of the 'tourist gaze' refers to a culturally learned way of looking at a place.

Based on the premise that culture influences perception, the 'tourist. quotes concerning tourist gaze.

Anthropologys tourist gaze in hawaii essay

the „tourist gaze“ Latin American Perspectives „Those who travel are searching for authentic encounters with exotic others.

The natives become the spectacle.“ „The commoditization of people and their cultural traits and customs may alter cultural meanings and destroy their authenticity. Jan 26—Feb 01 Graburn "Secular Ritual: A General Theory of Tourism" pp. Gmelch "Why Tourism Matters" pp.

Suggested Film Hawaii on Screen (UH Streaming) Travel blog #1 _____ 2 In the tourist's space Feb 02—08 MacCannell “Staged Authenticity: Arrangements of Social Space in Tourist Settings" pp.

-John Urry, The Tourist Gaze, Ch. 1 & 2 in The Tourist Gaze: Leisure and Travel in Contemporary Societies. London: Sage.-Robert Wood, “Tourism and the State: Ethnic Options and the Construction of Otherness” Ch 1, PAGE , only. In Picard and Wood Tourism, Ethnicity and the State in Asian and Pacific Societies.

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