Eth master thesis collection

Comparison of small area regression estimators in forest inventories with two phase sampling using high resolution elevation models and terrestrial information from the Swiss National Forest Inventory Joachim Saborowski, Daniel Mandallaz Grandjean, Ludivine: Nighttime lights as proxy for the spatial growth of dense urbanized areas Prof.

Eth master thesis collection

Available Student Projects Main content Below you will find a selection of research projects that are available in our lab.

Please note that almost all of these projects are flexilble and can be adapted to your skills and interests, as well as study level. For example, we can change the focus of a project between software, hardware and clinical experimentation or narrow down the scope to a Semester or BSc thesis project.

Check out also our general research topicsmaybe you have a great idea related to these topics and we would love to hear it!

You can do this directly through siropglobal. We will then contact you for a meeting, and together with you, work out a detailed project description and a learning agreement.

Our lab uses SiROP to publish and search scientific projects. For more information visit www. Read more Description Continuous human activity recognition HAR with smartphone sensors accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.

However, a major issue in using smartphone sensors for continuous monitoring of physical activities is the large battery usage incurred by permanently keeping smartphone sensors engaged.

In this project, we will use reinforcement learning to automatically learn a battery-efficient sampling strategy. Your work will be a key component in future smartphone-based big health data studies on the interdependencies of physical activities and health and, thus, help advance our understanding of some of the most complex diseases.

Skills in software development and machine learning are required for this project.

Eth master thesis collection

Goal Contact Details Patrick Schwab patrick. Mobile Health Systems Laboratory Hosts:Dissertations, reports Dissertations. All dissertations from ETH Zurich are held by ETH Library. The holdings also include selected dissertations from other institutions. Searching directly in the ETH E-Collection includes the following additional options: full text search; browsing by subject field, author, organisational unit, document.

Master Thesis, Zürich, ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Institute of Fluid Dynamics, DOI Research Collection An approach to model partially premixed turbulent combustion with probability density function (PDF)

with the chair of Prof. Dr. Massimo Filippini. Goal of the master thesis: The objective of a master thesis is to provide a detailed analysis and discussion of an economic issue using microeconomic theory and rigorous econometric Master Thesis, Zürich, ETH Zürich, DOI Research Collection XVII International Symposium on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials (ISMANAM ): Some documents, especially study regulations, curriculum and course schedules, are only available in German.

All documents can be found on the German version of this The "Master Thesis Evaluation Form" (see above link) is used for the final grading of the Master thesis.

Eth master thesis collection

The Master theses are kept for two years in the D-BIOL Student Administration Office. Master’s exam. ETH Zurich. Department of Biology.

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