Is it ethical for our childrens future to be based on standardized testing essay

The National Resolution on High Stakes Testingwhich calls on government officials to reduce standardized testing in our schools, has been endorsed by hundreds of organizations, and over 13, individuals. Because students know that test scores may affect their future lives, they do whatever they can to pass them, including cheating and taking performance drugs e. Because teachers know that test scores may affect their salaries and job security, they also cheat see the best-seller Freakonomics for some interesting statistics on this.

Is it ethical for our childrens future to be based on standardized testing essay

Is it ethical for our childrens future to be based on standardized testing essay

John Poulsen and Kurtis Hewson Abstract Standardized testing in some circles is demonized as the vilest form of assessment. These individuals point to many problems with how these tests are created and administered, as well how the results are used.

In other circles standardized testing represents true assessment whereby individual performances can be compared to other performances in a meaningful manner. That is, standardized testing is seen by some as a fair form of comparison; others do not. Knowing where standardized testing came from and what were the motivations for its growth, may help in understanding and perhaps in being able to use the results of standardized tests to improve teaching and learning.

This article serves as an overview of the history and current realities of standardized testing. Introduction Considering the role standardized testing has acquired in education systems internationally, one can safely assume that a vast majority of Canadians have experienced these tests as students.

Their value is much debated by educators, academics, and politicians, but what is clear is that their use seems to be increasing rather than decreasing.

Experiencing standardized tests as students can provide a useful perspective, however, it is important that faculty and students have a general understanding of the history of standardized or high-stakes testing, as well as a basic overview of the how these assessments are built.

This article will explore the history of standardized testing, recent developments within standardized testing, creation of test questions, and applicability. Definition Stiggins states that these once-a-year tests are not likely to be of much value to classroom teachers as you plan and carry out day-to-day instruction.

They are assessments OF learning that are too infrequent, broad in focus, and slow in returning results to inform the ongoing array of daily decisions. But this does not mean that these tests are without purpose or value. This relatively rational statement could be considered a definition of the battle lines that have been drawn up between those who are proponents of standardized tests and those against them.

The results are then posted on a bell curve that indicates where a score sits within descriptive statistical standards. Standardized tests are given to large groups numbering at least in the thousands, sometimes millions.

Scantron is a common method of marking bubble sheets of multiple-choice style questions. Essays are marked by specialists who have been trained to mark in similar fashion.

The information that the students are to show they know is asked of them in the same format that is usually multiple choice. Further, in order for the test to be fair in the sense of all students having the same chance to answer each question correctly, all questions must be the same.

The instructions are to be the same as well. These are to be delivered in the same way to all students so that no students are advantaged or disadvantaged. The last standardization is time allotment.

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All students are to be given the same amount of time to finish the exam. However, the standardization of standardized exams is being eroded.

Common changes to standardized testing allow certain students to have more than the allotted amount of time. Some students with certain learning needs are now allowed to have more time than other students to complete the exam.

These students are then often allowed to write in different rooms as well. The second requirement of standardized tests is also frequently adapted.

Is it ethical for our childrens future to be based on standardized testing essay

The rationale behind this is that the curriculum asks that students know certain information. Whether the students know this information is the purpose of the exam, not whether the students can read. These readers may adapt the standardized instructions that the students receive.

Also, reading the questions to the students may give them an advantage or disadvantage other students do not have. Therefore, the second and third requirements of standardized testing are no longer strongly in effect.

There are other forms of standardized testing that are available other than multiple-choice questions, for example, essay writing.

This form of testing currently has the disadvantage of needing markers to assess the essays. Essay markers must be trained to gain a sense of what the standards are.

Then they must engage in the time-consuming activity of reading the essays. Even with the training assessors can give significantly different grades to an essay. Proponents of standardized testing point to large-scale use of the tests that go beyond the individual student or even the school.

Standardized testing allows comparison between provincial education systems or even national education systems. Advocates say that standardized tests are impartial and rational. They state that standardized tests are an inexpensive way to check that schools and teachers are accountable, that students and therefore the public are getting the education that public dollars are paying for.

Standardized tests by this measure are intended to examine the whole education system and therefore individual scores may be not as significant. Testing can be found in all cultures.Standardized Testing and Teacher Cheating Essay - In the contemporary American education system high-stakes standardized testing has resulted in a focus on extensive test preparation, as well as a large increase in the numbers of teachers cheating by alternating their students' test scores.

grading essay tests while knowing the identities of student writers (48% ethical, 52% unethical). Teachers largely agreed that using many forms of assessment in the classroom is ethical (99%), that relying on one form of assessment is unethical (85%) and that relying on a very small number of assessments for determining grades is unethical (78%).

Standardized testing in the United States started in the mid- ’s (Standardized Tests – ProCon. org). This kind of testing was originally created to measure students’ performance and progress in school (Standardized Tests – ProCon.

org). Standardized testing is a very common way of determining a student's past academic achievement and future potential.

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Is it ethical for our children’s future to be based.

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