Psyc 321 exam 2 notes

This assignment requires access to McGraw-Hill Connect, which you can purchase in the bookstore, or directly from the Connect link on Canvas. Please note that everyone will receive a free trial for 2 weeks, in case you cannot immediately purchase the access code for Connect, such that there is no reason for not completing the first of these assignments in the first two weeks. Also, please note that purchasing an access code will provide you access to an e-book for the duration of the course.

Psyc 321 exam 2 notes

General Chemistry I 3 credits a. Here If you are enrolled in this course, you may be in one of many programs. This course is comprised of students from a whole host of programs including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Engineering, and others.

Many science students would have taken this course in CEGEP If medicine is on your radar, this is the first of the two required general chemistry courses required to be admitted to most medical schools in North America.

You will need to purchase a lab coat and the course lab manual in order to be allowed into the lab. I made that mistake my first week and the chemicals in the room made my eyes really red.

Get to know your lab TA. He or she will play a huge role in your semester. The lab manual will have questions which will need to be answered and submitted at the next lab. Also make sure to take good notes during the lab experiment with all of your data and observations.

For the tutorials, you will have a different TA. You should attend these tutorials, as it is a great way to grasp some of the more difficult chemistry concepts which may have been unclear from the lectures. There are also quizzes at the end of each tutorial usually the last 30 minutes.

Once again, these tutorial marks will be the difference in your final grade for the course. The first part of the exam is generally theory-based and comprised of multiple choice questions.

Of course, some sections cover more material than others and this is taken into account while making the exam. The latter part of the exams are longer answers, fill-in-the-blanks, balance a chemical equation, etc Since you are all awesome, I will be providing you with a special treat on this page.

The Nervous System

Here are 3 previous exams for this course. Regardless of if you have Prof. Rogers or not, check out her site here. She has a lot of good stuff there for CHEM including slides, old midterms, finals, etc. Dawson College has a whole list of practice tests with solutions.

Joe Schwarcz KhanAcademy — god bless this site.Course Summary Psychology Intro to Psychology has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2, colleges and universities. Full Exam Study Notes Psychology Italian and German Unification 2.

Leadership and Management Handouts. Chapter 1 Notes - Psychology. Documents Similar To Chapter 2 Notes - Psychology. Group Behaviour & Group Dynamics.

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Psyc 321 exam 2 notes

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