Pursuing education essay

Why Are You Going to College?

Pursuing education essay

Education Considering your analysis of your audience, how do you plan on gaining their confidence and respect and touching their Pursuing education essay, and what style choices will you make in order to do so? My audience will consist of college students and professors. Therefore, the audience will be an academic one, concerned about issues related to academia and scholarship.

I plan to gain the confidence and respect of the audience with the rhetorical foundations of pathos, ethos, and logos. First, I will offer background information about myself to establish personal credibility.

I will relay anecdotal evidence from people that I know. This way, I will be creating ethos and bolstering my argument. Next, I will create an emotional connection with the audience by relating my topic to their personal lives.

Pursuing education essay

I will inspire and motivate my audience to make meaningful changes based on the information I will present. The information will be presented in logical format, and I will Pursuing education essay logical fallacies.

Blending ethos, pathos, and logos will allow me to express my ideas in varied styles in order to reach a diverse audience. The occasional use of humor will enhance my argument as well.

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The tone of the argument will be personal but sophisticated. Reflect on your experience writing the persuasive paper. How do you think you will use this experience in your future academic and personal life?

Writing this persuasive paper has allowed me to critically examine the various issues surrounding higher education. I have often taken for granted the ability to receive an education without considering the political, social, and economic barriers that prevent others from doing so.

While I am acutely aware of the difficulties in pursuing a higher education, this research has highlighted the even greater problem of applying that education in the career world.

I will use my experience crafting the essay in many ways. For one, I have learned how to write persuasively and with an argumentative tone that effectively motivates audiences to make changes.

The talent of persuasive writing is important in almost every career field and in both personal and professional life. I will capitalize on this formative writing experience in my academic career by writing more effective argumentative papers that are well-organized and well-researched.

Second, I will apply my writing experience in my future academic and personal life by reflecting on what I can do to improve the outlook for higher education.

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I hope to share what I have learned with others. What rhetorical methods or audience awareness tools do you think you want to develop for your pap-er?

As Roen and Willey point out, audience awareness strategies are crucial for effective college composition but are ironically best applied during a revision phase.

Therefore, I will be applying audience awareness tools during the revision process. A higher education offers unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. The exposure to new ideas, fields, and people that higher education alone is sufficient to warrant a higher education.

Higher education can help the student to think creatively and critically. A higher education can also expand career opportunities and prepare a student for the job market. Higher education is not all fun and games, though.

When I first moved into the dorm, I realized I no longer had the easy support of my friends and family nearby.

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The stress of school really started to pile up when, halfway through my first semester, I ran out of money. Asking my parents for a loan was out of the question; they were too deep in debt already to even consider lending me money.

My mom had recently lost her job, and I would have felt guilty just asking them for enough money to go to a Peaches concert. Then there was the stress of school itself. I breezed through high schoolgetting straight As in most of my classes.

Used to impressing teachers, I was ill prepared for consistent B. In college I was no longer a star.

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Many of my classmates had better answers to questions, knew more background information, and wrote better essays than I did. The humility was bad enough. The workload was even worse.Education is powered by Vocal.

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Pursuing a Higher Education Essay