Qantas case study essay example

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Qantas case study essay example

Marketing assignment essay on: It became the long distance carrier in the world when it spanned its services from Australia to North America and Europe.


The number of employee base which Qantas has is around 32, employees and its extensive network across the globe provides services to 44 nations with total number of destinations in the world.

The two complimentary airline brands through which Qantas operates its business of carrying passengers are: The three segments groups in which Qantas has been divided are: MarketingOperationscustomer and commercial.

Case Analysis The management at Qantas is facing a major threat and can result in the airline going under or failing badly if the state owned Airline Company Etihad is allowed to purchase enough shares of Virgin Australia. This Qantas case study essay example result in undercutting the profit margins of Qantas on its domestic routes which will cause severe loss to Qantas Coorey, The major concern for the chief executive of Qantas Alan Joyce is that if Etihad buys Virgin they would not be able to compete with the state-owned competitor because they have strong financial backing from United Arab Emirates.

This would lead Etihad subsidising the domestic business of Virgin and result in weakening of Qantas in domestic market. The main reason identified by Qantas for money loss is it being under-cut by state-owned airlines like Singapore airlines, emirates and Etihad.

To handle this situation it is necessary to do SWOT analysis of Qantas so that by utilising the strengths better opportunities could be developed and the threats and weaknesses could be overcome by Qantas.

It services very wide market through subsidiary brands like jet star, Qantas Links, Qantas Holidays etc. It has a diverse internal aviation business as subsidiary which covers engineering, baggage handling and catering etc. It has latest and new aircrafts in its fleet which are very fuel efficient like Boeing Dreamliner, A etc.

The safety record is very excellent of Qantas. The airlines market is very much price sensitive and especially with recession gripping the whole world pricing is very important factor.

The human resource is limited as it has been cutting the engineering jobs and much staff recently to reduce the expenses.

Marketing: A case Study on Qantas Airline

The secondary location of airports is also not centralised. Very high dependence on Australia due to its location. Increasing airline prices due to rise in the prices of jet fuel. In order to serve more passengers new aircraft fleet has been announced which has been leased and this will help in creating more employment opportunities in Australia and expansion of airline business and enhance the servicing efficiencies.

A specialised service for the businessmen so that they can utilise the services a club has been created to give them luxurious and uninterrupted services.

This service gives them priority basis check-in and certain personal facilities which are completely business related. Several industrial actions causing safety concerns, major delays resulting in damaged reputation. Political instability or landscapes like onerous regulation related to aviation and curfew variations or Qantas Sales Act etc.

Failure of IT System which causes severe loss of sales through internet and losing customers to other competitive airlines. Prominent employee who depart to other airlines which causes loss of strategic knowledge. Social or political unrest in the hub points or the destination points like Singapore, India etc.

Implications and Actions from SWOT From the above SWOT analysis it can be inferred that the strengths of Qantas make it a well respected and an airline which infuses public confidence and it has good selling prospects on the basis of its brand name.

Green City Club

Qantas can do so by maintaining corporate sponsorship of the Australian national teams. It should keep competitive pricing structure.

The wide service range should be used for catering to serve variety of socio-economic groups and provide one stop shop solution to the holiday makers in the country and should be able to link the regional centres with the state capitals and this can be done by Qantas by advertising a very diverse range of travel facilities, option and services for its domestic customers.

Qantas should cut down the cost of its services which it can do by reduction of 3rd party contractors through development of efficient in-house and quality services.

Qantas should enhance its bargaining power which will give it better control to establish pricing and it should step up the flying destinations and it can so do by advertising flight locations domestic which have been added by exploring untapped markets.

The new fleet should be promoted as fuel efficient aircrafts which are environment friendly and it should reschedule flights to reduce number of flights which have more passengers travelling.

It should also market the safety records to instil public confidence and industry recognition. It should handle its weaknesses by taking actions like it should make the flight conditions and services clearly and increase the prices giving proper justification and the pricing should be competitive.

The employees hired should be multi-skilled so that they can handle various issues.Sample Text: Qantas is primarily a passenger airline that provides catering, tourism and E-commerce, however it’s also an airfreight, transporting goods around the world.

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Qantas case study essay example

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Marketing assignment essay on: SWOT ANALYSIS Of Qantas

This student studied: 15/15 Business Studies Finance Essay with. A Case Study of Qantas Airline: the Grounded Kangaroo Assessment 3: A case study of Qantas Airline: The grounded kangaroo EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Qantas is the world’s second oldest airline and it fall into a long-run labour dispute which once stopped the running of the company.

Case study questions Unless otherwise stated, all questions pertain specifically to the case study time period and do not require students to present current material. However, current knowledge is helpful in understanding the aftermath of a case and may be used in the class discussions after a case .

David recently ran a workshop for our Year 12 Business Studies class on the Qantas Case Study. This was a very valuable experience for our students as David has an extensive knowledge of Qantas, which coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the HSC syllabus, proved very useful.

The report features both an external and internal analysis of Qantas, the current strategies employed by Qantas, followed by the author’s strategy recommendations for Qantas based on the internal and external analysis and in doing so provides an answer of yes to the question posed at the end of the Qantas Case Study; whether Qantas should.

Qantas Case Study Examples. This student studied: HSC - Year 12 - Business Studies 15/15 Business Studies Finance Essay with QANTAS Case Studies embedded all the way through.

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