Science and the bible on the beginning of the planet

He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.

Science and the bible on the beginning of the planet

After considering the case for each one, they conclude with a call to work together for the cause of Christ.

Science and the bible on the beginning of the planet

Introduction of Three Views How old is the earth? Did men live with dinosaurs? Are dinosaurs in the Bible? Where do cave men fit in the Bible? Did the flood cover the whole earth? What does the word day in Genesis chapter one mean? These are all common and difficult questions your children may have asked, or maybe they are questions you have.

What may surprise you is that evangelical Christians respond with numerous answers to each question. In reality, answers to the preceding questions largely depend on the answer to the first one. How old is the earth?

The diversity of opinion regarding this question inevitably leads to controversy, controversy that is often heated and remarkably lacking in grace and understanding.

Bible and Science?

For those Christians who are practicing scientists, there is much at stake. But we must say up front, that as important as this question is, it is of secondary importance to the quest of defeating Darwinism as currently presented to the culture.

Educational leaders and evolutionary scientists are determined to present a fully naturalistic evolution as the only reasonable and scientific theory that can be discussed in the public education system.

All Christians, whether old earth or young earth, should find common cause in dethroning philosophical naturalism as the reigning paradigm of education and science.

Returning to the age of the earth question, we would like to survey three general categories of response to this question that can be found among Christians today.

Science and the Genesis Account — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

For each of these three views, we will discuss their position on Genesis chapter one, since theological assumptions guide the process of discovering a scientific perspective. We will also discuss the basics of the scientific conclusions for each view.

The first view of science and earth history we will discuss is the recent or literal view. This position is often referred to as scientific creationism, creation science, or young earth creationism. The second position, progressive creationism or day-age creationism, holds that the earth and the universe are billions of years old.

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However, progressive creationists believe that God has created specifically and ex nihilo out of nothingthroughout the billions of years of earth history.

They do not believe that the days of Genesis refer to twenty-four hour days, but to long, indefinite periods of time. A view traditionally known as theistic evolution comprises the third position. Theistic evolutionists essentially believe that the earth and the universe are not only billions of years old, but that there was little, if any, intervention by God during this time.

The universe and life have evolved by God-ordained processes in nature. Theistic evolutionists, or evolutionary creationists, as many prefer to be called, believe that the first chapter of Genesis is not meant to be read historically, but theologically.

It is meant to be a description of God as the perfect Creator and transcendent over the gods of the surrounding ancient Near Eastern cultures. Before we consider each position in greater detail, it is important to realize two things. First, we will paint in broad strokes when describing these views.

Each has many sub-categories under its umbrella. Second, we will describe them as objectively and positively as we can without revealing our own position. We will reveal our position at the conclusion of this article.

Recent or Literal Creation Having introduced each position, we would like to review the theological and scientific foundations for the first one: If one assumes that the genealogies of Genesis chapters five and eleven represent a reasonable pre-Israelite history of the world, then the date of creation cannot be much beyond thirty thousand years ago.

The universal flood of Noah, recorded in Genesis chapters six through nine, is also a crucial part of this view. On a young earth, the vast layers of fossil-bearing sedimentary strata found all over the earth could not have had millions of years to accumulate.

Much research activity by young earth creationists is directed along this line. The dog kind is frequently given as an example of the Genesis kind.5 Theories Of How Planet X Nibiru Will Cause The End Of The World On April 23 — According To The Bible, Numerologists & Science.

21 describes the beginning of what rogue planet has. It’s about to happen this weekend: the Bible says it’s so. Or so says a group of true believers expecting the arrival of the alien planet Nibiru. Jamie Seidel. The Astronomy of the Bible Has Proven Accurate. Modern science, however, has confirmed what the Bible has taught.

As in all things, the Bible is absolutely correct when it teaches about the universe. Is the earth unique and special, or is it just one of many similar habitable planets scattered across the universe?

Extrasolar Planets. The Bible is clearly unlike any other document in history. Every claim it makes about science is not only true but crucial for filling in the blanks of our understanding about the origin of the universe, the earth, fossils, life, and human beings. According to the Bible’s opening words, the universe, including our planet, Earth, was in existence for an indefinite time before the creative days began.

Geologists estimate that the earth is 4 billion years old, and astronomers calculate that the universe may be as much as 15 billion years old. More Verses on Planets. Genesis Verse Concepts. Expanse Creation Earth Beginning Science Creation Of The Physical Heavens God, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Science and the bible on the beginning of the planet

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