Theoretical orientation paper essay

In order to write this paper, the author had to consider two important questions in order to determine the most appropriate theoretical orientation for her. First, under what contexts and specific settings would the therapeutic process take place? For the purpose of this paper and based on the answers to the questions previously stated, the author will write from the perspective of a therapist who works in a clinical setting with clients that are largely low to average functioning, are culturally diverse, and generally have a low SES, which means that they have limited time and resources to spend on their treatment. In response to the second question, the theory that comes closest to my worldview and serves as a foundation for constructing my theoretical orientation is the Cognitive Behavioral theory.

Theoretical orientation paper essay

This part should be 11 pages. The following is the instructions for part one. Describe how your professional practice training during Internship I has informed the development of your theoretical orientation.

It would be appropriate to include objectives you established in your Individual Internship Plan. Provide two examples of the case conceptualizations based on your developing theoretical orientation. Sometimes there is a predominant counseling model used Theoretical orientation paper essay promoted at your site.

Share skills, knowledge or philosophies incorporated into your clinical work based upon feedback received from site and university supervisors. A minimum of three additional references should be included for this part of your TOP.

Explain how you have integrated being a positive social change agent during your Internship field experience. Format for Theoretical Orientation Paper: Each paper will contain a modified title page, text pages contentand reference page s. Minimum and maximum numbers of text pages do not include title and reference pages.

Use section headings consistent with APA 6th ed.

Theoretical orientation paper essay

Review the section in the APA manual on plagiarism and ethics in publication. All University policies will be strictly followed. Additional reference requirements are expected for each version of the theory paper. Continued reading outside of textbook material is expected; therefore, note specific requirements.

No more than one Internet source Internet sources include websites related to your theoretical orientation and not electronic copies of professional research such as what you would find in the Walden Library Utilization of course texts is expected. References shall be from appropriate professional publications and peer-reviewed journals.

Sources Used in Document:

Brochures, popular magazine articles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other non-professional materials are unacceptable as reference.

I am including the first TOP that you did. This paper is a continuation of that paper. My site allows the counselors to use whatever orientation they wish. Instructions for Part Two This section is 13 pages.

Please separate the two sections with separate reference pages.

Theoretical Orientation Paper

Instructions for third TOP If you have questions, please d not hesitate to ask. I work at an outpatient setting working with dual diagnosis clients ranging from adolescents to senior adults.

This should be a couple or paragraphs discussing the evolution of the theoretical orientation from Internship one and Internship two.

Description of how your experience working with clients influenced the development of your theory For example, if your orientation was existential and you worked in an inpatient psychiatric facility, how did you employ an existential approach to working with individuals manifesting psychotic or delusional symptoms?

This is a lifespan of my progression of my theoretical orientation This is a lifespan of where I started in the internship and where I want to go after I am finished with my formal education.

Summary of clinical presentations and session recordings that includes the following: She is a 38 yo, Caucasian, divorced x2 female. She has 4 children. The client has remained alcohol and drug free for 8 months.Theoretical Orientation Paper Order Description Instructions Part One This is a two part paper.

This part should be 11 pages. The following is the instructions for part one. About us.

Theoretical orientation paper essay

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