What would i change about the army

I know some of you are firm believers in the Army PRT system. Which it does have a lot of good things built into it but how many Brigades, units, companies, ect

What would i change about the army

All of your job duties in the Army are related to your MOS. You will receive your MOS before enlisting in the Army. If you do not like your assigned MOS, you can easily request another one. There is a different protocol for changing your MOS after enlistment.

Ensure you have not already signed the enlistment agreement.

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The enlistment agreement is a binding contract. However, if you have not yet signed the agreement, you are free to choose a different specialty. Speak with your Army recruiter or service liaison counselor to advise him of your desire for a different MOS assignment.

If there is a specific MOS you want to be assigned to, tell him. The 10 specialities you can choose from include combat, skilled technical, mechanical maintenance, electronics, surveillance and communication, general maintenance, operators and food, field artillery, general technical and clerical.

Sign the enlistment agreement that lists your new MOS. This is done prior to you getting processed and sworn in at the military entrance processing station MEPS.


After Enlisting Speak with your company commander or field counselor about your desire to change your MOS. Complete DA Form This form allows you to make personal requests based on your current needs. If there is a specific MOS you desire, indicate this on the form.

Submit the completed form to your company commander or field counselor. He will let you know whether your request will be honored.Benjamin M. Jensen, Forging the Sword: Doctrinal Change in the U.S. Army (Stanford Security Studies, ). The U.S. Army is often accused of being slow to change and unimaginative.

Indeed, these are fairly predictable indictments that have dogged military organizations for centuries. Speak with a reenlistment and retention noncommissioned officer (NCO). The reenlistment NCO will produce a list of understrength MOS vacancies and provide advice and .


Army officials presented additional options to help with space limitations, including prohibiting any future use of cemetery space for erecting monuments. That change would require legislation. Unfortunately, as the SMA of the Army there is not much I could change.

If I was the Secretary of Defense, I would recommend that the Army decrease the number of officers, and increase the number of NCO’s AND pay senior NCO’s their worth. When you join the Army, you are assigned a military occupations specialty (MOS). All of your job duties in the Army are related to your MOS.

Your specialty assignment is determined based on your Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

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Apr 26,  · A change of rater NCOER should have been completed by the unit that you are leaving. Most military post will not allow an NCO to clear without a copy of their PCS, ETS, or Change of rater NCOER. It will be under a year of rated time or non-rated time.

What would i change about the army
What I Would Change as an Sma (sergeant Major of the Army) Essay