Write arabic numbers in powerpoint 2007

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Write arabic numbers in powerpoint 2007

Authors submitting review article should include a section describing the methods used for locating, selecting, extracting, and synthesizing data. These methods should also be summarized in the abstract. Ethics When reporting studies on human, indicate whether the procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation institutional or regional and with the Helsinki Declaration ofas revised in available at http: Evidence for approval by a local Ethics Committee for both human as well as animal studies must be supplied by the authors on demand.

Animal experimental procedures should be as humane as possible and the details of anesthetics and analgesics used should be clearly stated. The journal will not consider any paper which is ethically unacceptable. Statistics Whenever possible quantify findings and present them with appropriate indicators of measurement error or uncertainty such as confidence intervals.

Report losses to observation such as dropouts from a clinical trial. When data are summarized in the Results section, specify the statistical methods used to analyze them.

Avoid non-technical uses of technical terms in statistics, such as 'random' which implies a randomizing device'normal', 'significant', 'correlations', and 'sample'. Define statistical terms, abbreviations, and most symbols. Specify the computer software used. Use upper italics P 0. For all P values include the exact value and not less than 0.

Results Present your results in a logical sequence in the text, tables, and illustrations, giving the main or most important findings first.

Do not repeat in the text all the data in the tables or illustrations; emphasize or summarize only important observations. Extra or supplementary materials and technical detail can be placed in an appendix where it will be accessible but will not interrupt the flow of the text; alternatively, it can be published only in the electronic version of the journal.

When data are summarized in the Results section, give numeric results not only as derivatives for example, percentages but also as the absolute numbers from which the derivatives were calculated, and specify the statistical methods used to analyze them.

Restrict tables and figures to those needed to explain the argument of the paper and to assess its support. Use graphs as an alternative to tables with many entries; do not duplicate data in graphs and tables.

Discussion Include summary of key findings primary outcome measures, secondary outcome measures, results as they relate to a prior hypothesis ; Strengths and limitations of the study study question, study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation ; Interpretation and implications in the context of the totality of evidence is there a systematic review to refer to, if not, could one be reasonably done here and now?

Do not repeat in detail data or other material given in the Introduction or the Results section. In particular, contributors should avoid making statements on economic benefits and costs unless their manuscript includes economic data and analyses.Jun 13,  · I need to write Persian or Arabic number with Power Point but couldn't.

Someone help me monstermanfilm.com: Open. If u want to convert Numeric to Arabic numbers. First select the area of cells which u want to change and press ctrl+1 for format cell then go to custom and type this code [$]0.

(assuming this is ). Now click the word options and click advanced in the left menu. Scroll it to point show document content section then look for the.

Scanners. A scanner is a device that copies hard copy information (printed page, graphic image, photograph etc) into digital data, translating the information into a form a computer can store as a file.

Thus it is possible to make a digitised copy of a printed page, graphic image or photograph.


Simple graphic images are usually stored in a format known as GIF. Citation Machine™ helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use.

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How to Use Arabic Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

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write arabic numbers in powerpoint 2007
Numbers (١- أقرام ١٠)