Writing a safety committee charter

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Writing a safety committee charter

All the powers of the City Council shall be exercised subject to initiative and referendum powers of the people as set forth herein. The members of the City Council shall be subject to recall in the manner provided by law. As amended at November 4, election.

Charter of the City of Seattle

The Mayor shall appoint two members, and by a two-thirds vote the City Council shall appoint two members. The fifth member shall be appointed by majority vote of the first four members. The Commission shall elect a chair from among its members.

No person may serve on the Commission who is an elected official except precinct committee officera registered lobbyist, a candidate for elective office, or a City employee. If the Commission is unable to agree upon the appointment of a districting master by November 30, the Mayor shall appoint a districting master.

Sample Health and Safety Committee Charter

All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public, and the Commission shall conduct public forums around the City before adopting any plan.

At least one public forum shall be held in each existing District. The population of the largest district shall exceed the population of the smallest by no more than one percent. To the extent practical, district boundaries shall follow existing District boundaries, recognized waterways and geographic boundaries, and Seattle communities and neighborhoods.

In drawing the plan, neither the Commission nor the districting master shall consider the residence of any person. The Commission shall develop, approve by majority vote, and make public a draft districts proposal and then after public comment, approve by majority vote a final districts plan; and shall have all powers reasonably necessary to carry out its purpose, may employ experts, consultants and attorneys not employed by the city, and shall prepare financial statements and compose and turn over to the City Clerk an official record of all relevant information used.

Upon adoption, the districting plan shall be filed with the City Clerk. The plan shall become effective upon filing and cannot be amended by the City Council except to correct data errors upon request by the districting Commission.

As added at November 5, election.

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Notwithstanding Article XIX, Section 3, the four positions elected at the general municipal election positions 2, 4, 6, and 8 shall each be for two year terms ending at midnight, December 31, The two at large positions created by Section 1 of this Amendment and elected at the general municipal election shall be for two year terms ending at midnight, December 31, The seven district positions created by Section 1 of this Amendment and elected at the general municipal election shall be for four years terms ending at midnight, December 31, After the general municipal election, all nine City Council positions shall be for four year terms under Article XIX and this Subdivision shall be of no further effect.

Under any of the following circumstances, a quorum shall be determined under this Subsection B: As amended at November 7, election.

writing a safety committee charter

The City Council shall- First. Biennially, and also whenever a vacancy occurs, choose from its members its President, who shall perform the usual functions of a presiding officer, and who may be removed by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of all the members.How to Develop a Committee Charter by Jason Alexander Developing a successful committee charter requires strategic planning and creative thinking to cover the bases for any given committee.

Charter of the City of Seattle. Text as last amended by the voters 5 November The University Research Committee advises the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the quality and standard of ANU research, and on major issues of research relevant to strategic plans and overarching policy.

Terms of reference The Committee may advise the Academic Board or the Vice-Chancellor on.

writing a safety committee charter

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